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Bio-Touch – A Therapy Using A Healing Touch Technique

Bio-Touch™ is a simple, hands-on healing technique that can be used to address all types of health concerns. A practitioner uses the first two fingers of each hand to lightly touch specific points on the body. Over time, the combination of correct points and light touch seems to enhance the body’s natural healing ability.

  • Bio-Touch™ is easy to learn – even children can learn & practice it effectively.
  • Bio-Touch™ is a complement to any healthcare program. It can safely be used in conjunction with any standard medical or alternative practice that you may be currently using.
  • Bio-Touch™ has no levels of ability, authority or hierarchy. Anyone can be effective when they perform this touch therapy, whether it is their first time, or they have been Bio-Touch practitioners for years.
  • Bio-Touch™ requires no special preparation, meditation, state of mind, religious belief, philosophy, or talent in order to achieve the desired results.
  • Bio-Touch™ research has shown a reduction in stress, pain and symptoms of disease.

Bio-Touch Membership Benefits

  • You will be supporting the work of the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics (IFBM), a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, as it shares Bio-Touch worldwide.
  • You will be able to keep up with the latest IFBM news and Bio-Touch testimonials through the “Just Touch News.”
  • You will be a part of a growing network of friends of Bio-Touch.
  • You will be able to save money on select vitamins, nutritional supplements, water purification systems, massage tables, and books, available only to IFBM members.
  • All Donations to IFBM are tax deductible. Donate Now!

Our Mission

To teach Bio-Touch™, an application of the universal principle “Love thy Neighbor,” as a means to alleviate pain and stress, and support good health through all stages of life.

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