About Us:

Bio-Touch is a touch-healing therapy that anyone can learn to perform effectively. It is taught through the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics, a federally approved 501(c) 3 educational and charitable foundation. The Foundation offers low-cost classes  at the Bio-Touch Center in Tucson, Arizona, and online. In addition, certified practitioners provide healing sessions at the Center on a donation basis to anyone in need of relief from pain, stress, or symptoms of disease. All the certified practitioners on staff are volunteers.


How It All Began:

Bio-Touch traces its roots to a mining engineer, Norman Cochran, who lived in Quartzite, Arizona. In 1973, when his friend began having severe contractions in her fourth month of pregnancy, Norman felt compelled to place his fingers on her abdomen. She had suffered two previous miscarriages, but as Norman lightly touched her, her contractions eased. After twenty minutes, she rested comfortably, eventually carrying the healthy fetus to full term. Word of Norman’s healing ability quickly spread. He never questioned how or why he suddenly acquired the knowledge to use his fingers to help people heal.


Hippie With A Vision:

In 1989, Paul Bucky, a young hippie with debilitating back pain, heard about Norman, who had become the town healer in Mancos, Colorado. Norman was busy giving free healing sessions out of his home. After only two sessions with Norman, Paul’s pain vanished. Having been on a spiritual path all his life, Paul envisioned Bio-Touch spreading relief to many suffering people around the world. Paul asked Norman to teach him how to perform the healing method. Paul learned quickly, then became instrumental in formulating the organization to teach others how to share the technique, now called Bio-Touch.


Our Mission:

To teach Bio-Touch, an application of the universal principle “Love thy Neighbor” as a means to alleviate pain and stress, and support good health through all stages of life.


Our Vision:

To encourage all people to take responsibility for their own healthcare, empower them to assist others and create a community of people worldwide dedicated to service, self awareness, and recognizing the equality of all humanity—thus forming a chain which shall go on indefinitely.

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