Bio-Touch is Used as a Healing Touch Technique for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease typically develops slowly and gradually worsens over the course of several years. As it progresses, it eventually affects most areas of the brain, including those involved in memory, thinking, judgment, language, problem solving, personality and movement. Bio-Touch is a healing touch technique that can be, and has been, used to help manage the beginning and advanced stages of this disease. This technique can also slow the usual progression rate of the disease. Bio-Touch has even been used to help relieve the agitated state that many Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients experience. There are no known medications to cure Alzheimer’s, but Bio-Touch is considered a style of healing touch that works well in conjunction with conventional health care. The specific sets of points on the body that are lightly touched to help relieve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, are the Head and Metabolism sets.

Learn More About Using Bio-Touch as A Healing Touch Therapy for Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

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Do You Have Questions About Alzheimer’s and Dementia and how a Healing Touch Therapy can work?

We, at Bio-Touch, know that not all touch therapies are exactly the same. If you have any questions for us to answer prior to becoming a member and joining our community, please call, email or send us a live chat message. As soon as you join the Bio-Touch community, and practice this simple hands-on touch healing technique, you will understand what makes Bio-Touch so effective.

Always perform the GREETING before you apply any other sets

The HEAD set is used to help with this particular condition. Click HERE to see how is it performed as a healing touch therapy. View the video here.

Terri Waldman, Director Cooper Canyon Alzheimer’s Center, give a presentation at our Workshop on how to address this disease. February 2017