Unusual Touch Therapy Gains Fans
NWOSU Nursing Students Represented at National Conference 2012
Experience the Benefits of Bio-Touch
Todd Tells About Bio-Touch in the Nursing Program
Carlos tells us of his experience.
Kathryn tells how she liked the Bio-Touch Class
What Marta says about Bio-Touch class
What Jovanka says about Bio-Touch
Bio-Touch New Instructor May 9,2011

Les had a ``sense`` of what was happening at the Bio-Touch Center
Standout Recipient for Bev
Why Leiala came to Bio-Touch
How Does Bio-Touch Work?
Edwin in a Session
Bio-Touch Tod
Bio-Touch Bliss with Wynnelle
Bio-Touch with Sandy
Radio Interview July 2010
WOCA:The Source Radio Interview with Founder, Paul Bucky
Morning Blend Tucson Interview with Author, Debra Schildhouse
Interview for Book with Author Debra Schidhouse on LiveTrib.com

Energy Stew with Peter Roth with Debra - January 8, 2016

Dave's Good Vibration Station

Interview Oct 3, 2016 with Ajayan.

NWOSU Nursing Students Present
Arizona Star Book Review - Feb 2016
“Tucson Author Explores the Magic of Touch”

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