Whew! It’s another hot August. I’m counting down the days of summer, thankful for air-conditioned comforts, and hoping that the worst of the heat is behind us. But many people across the United States are embracing summer’s last care-free days before another hectic school year begins. Aware of the importance of building positive family dynamics, they’re celebrating National Family Fun month—the unofficial annual August holiday.

For families ready to party through 31 days of August, the Internet is filled with ideas. Picnics, water and amusement parks, children’s museums, camp-outs, treasure hunts, star gazing, playing Frisbee, biking, horseback riding, cooking together, and building sand castles on the beach are just a few of the delightful ways to strengthen family ties and make lasting memories.

Here’s another idea—one that’s fun, yet imparts a lifetime of valuable benefits for the whole family. Learning Bio-Touch together! This loving, touch-healing technique is an amazingly effective way to bond while helping each other reduce pain, relieve stress, and alleviate the discomforts of illness. And even young children can learn and be effective using Bio-Touch. When families share Bio-Touch they’re sharing good health, happiness, and love. Talk about positive family dynamics!