I have been blessed. My parents and I are tremendously close. We always have been.

When I was a kid, my parents enthusiastically supported every activity my brother and I chose to pursue, be it music, theater, dance, the arts, tennis or science club (that was my brother). Not only were they present for every performance, practice, win and loss, they eagerly volunteered for every known chaperone position, band boosters role and parent sponsored event. Without exception, they were always there to celebrate our successes and lovingly dust us off when we would falter. To say that I love my parents does not even come close to capturing the essence of my true feelings.

I’m known for being a bit of a skeptic – ok, maybe I’m a big skeptic.  When I was first introduced to Bio-Touch, it was met with my usual resistance. Does it work? How does it work? Can it be proven? Can I do it? Although I saw others perform Bio-Touch with incredible results, I, myself, had not been trained to be a healer of any sort.  Quite the contrary.  I’ve been a “corporate stiff” for the past 30 years and focus my energies on computers, processes and policies.  Healing was reserved for “those people.”

But Bio-Touch came into my life and I decided to explore. With the training manual by my side, I’d clumsily touch each point, working on my boyfriend and friends – literally anyone I could get my hands on. The truth was, I secretly wanted to prove its value and needed to see it work to believe it for myself.

And then it happened.

I’m sure you are familiar with the saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” I suspect that my skepticism wasn’t a trait I was born with. So when I first offered to do Bio-Touch on my parents, their uncertainty was expected. But in true fashion, they were there to support me in learning this new technique nonetheless.

My 81 year old dad felt it instantly. After just one application, he sheepishly admitted to feeling more relaxed and the pain in his neck from his spinal stenosis had been greatly minimized. I was in awe. Mom wasn’t “sold” so easily though, and decided it wasn’t for her. So, I continued to work solely on my dad whenever I would go to their home.

Each time looked the same. My dad would remove his shirt, sit on the end of the chaise and close his eyes as if he were about to embark upon deep meditation. When complete, he would exhale deeply and move his body in deliberate fascination like the Tin Man who had just been oiled for the first time. Mom would look on with apparent interest. And, me?  Well, each time I would hold back the incredible tears of love and appreciation that would well up inside me as I got to contribute to my dad in a way that I never thought was possible.

After seeing Dad’s results repeatedly, mom started to come around.  Or perhaps it was the doctor’s diagnosis indicating that her malignant tumor was back, growing rapidly in her thigh. Fear can be an incredible motivator. Whatever it was, I thankfully began applying Bio-Touch whenever possible, all the while thinking, “could this perhaps slow the growth of the tumor?”  I suspect mom wonders the same. Maybe even hopes. We may never really know.

Regardless, Bio-Touch has ALREADY produced miraculous results.

In the past, as the bumps and bruises of life would take their toll on my parents, all I could do was sit beside them, hoping they would get better. But now I have a tool where I can actively participate in their health and recovery. THAT, right there, makes it valuable beyond my wildest dreams.

I would need several lifetimes to repay the love and generosity that my parents have given and I will happily spend the rest of this life sharing Bio-Touch with my parents, taking the intense love that we already have for one another to unfathomable heights!