Oh, how magical the Book Launch Gala was —an evening of stories, food, dancing, and the sharing of a deep love and respect for one another. And folks are still feeling it now!

The other magical aspect of this time was that thousands of dollars were spent on this event and the launching of the book, yet our financial balance sheet remains literally unchanged compared to last year. It is just such a perfect reminder of a quote I read once that “affluency is affluency when you give it away.”

It is also a perfect reminder that to give love is to receive love. And that is the experience of sharing Bio-Touch with humanity.  Through Bio-Touch we are being given the magical experience that we humans ARE equal—that it is the birthright of each of us to be healthy, happy, and loved.

The Bio-Touch book is a gift to humanity. It is my hope that those who read it will join us on this continuing love story.  We can make a dent in history.  It is truly a revolution based on Love.