“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.” Jim Rohn

In this month of Holiday gift giving I, like many of us, find myself trying to find a happy medium. I want to soak up the deeper, spiritual meanings that can strengthen and re-invigorate my faith, yet still enjoy the frivolity of the parties, the mouth-watering flavors of once-a-year recipes, and the excitement of presents wrapped in glittery paper. It’s easy to get deliciously caught up in the Holiday spirit. I want to give friends and loved ones tokens of my esteem and appreciation, and I’m happy to accept them in return. ‘Tis the season! Giving is receiving, as the saying goes.

Professor Michal Ann Strahilevitz’s research reveals that “people want to give because we get an emotional boost— a warm glow of pleasure making us feel better about ourselves. Giving helps us avoid feeling guilty and preserves our self-image. And the emotional benefit is highest when we spread out giving into separate experiences rather than doing it once. The sum of each positive experience is bigger than the high of one gift.”

But what should we give? What perfect present is there to represent our feelings? There are so many choices and so many chances to get it wrong. Vibrantly colored or muted scarf? Santa or snowflake sweater? Slippers again? Something electronic? How about a Canadian Moose wall plaque that plays Jingle Bells?

Actually, the perfect gift for everyone on your list is easy and fun to give. It’s Bio-Touch, of course! It’s a gift of love in itself—a light touch from one person to another—that reduces stress and pain, and creates feelings of being cared for.

For only $18.00 you can give a beautiful gift certificate that entitles the recipient to a one-year membership to the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics. Those special people on your list will receive incredible benefits along with their membership—it’s a gift that keeps on giving the whole year through!

And you’ll feel great because your gift helps support a dedicated and caring organization whose vision, for 27 years, has been for everyone on the planet to enjoy a community of healing by using Bio-Touch—a true gift to humanity.

Happy Holidays everyone!!