The loving touch, like music, often utters the things that cannot be spoken~ Ashley Montagu

In my book Bio-Touch: Healing With The Power In Our Fingertips, I question Paul about so many things. For instance, I ask how he answers people who want to know what makes Bio-Touch different from other healing touch techniques. His answer knocks my socks off!

“I tell them it’s magical the way Bio-Touch reaches down to that scared child in all of us and promotes feelings of well-being and love,” Paul said. “Bio-Touch is love. Love is Bio-Touch. It’s all we do here—we give people love. We’re not here to fix people, but to serve them. We get to participate in their healing and feel their joy. It empowers people to help other people. And if those people just happen to heal in the process? Perfect.”

Wow. What a beautiful way to think about this unique healing technique. Bio-Touch is love! But love is a word with so many definitions. If you ask 25 people what love is, you’ll get 25 answers. But I say love is trust. It’s how I feel when I know somebody is there for me—has my back. It’s a warm, tingly feeling of real connection with another human being and knowing, deep down, that things are going to be okay. Yes, sounds like Bio-Touch to me.

The greeting set of points is where that magic Paul mentioned begins during a Bio-Touch session. With the first two fingers of one hand, the practitioner lightly touches the recipient on the fleshy area below the bottom of the breast bone—the solar plexus, which I’ve heard is the body’s physical center as well as the power center for emotion, feeling, intuition, and harmony. This is so much more than a skin-to-skin greeting. It’s that first connection, from one person to another, that seems to kick start the body’s ability to heal itself. And research has shown that with the next point of the greeting, found on the back by the base of the neck, and the points that follow, the recipient begins to feel cared for as their body relaxes.

Bio-Touch is a loving touch that is meant to be shared to benefit all. My hope is that you’ll embrace its possibilities and share it with your friends, family, and neighbors—a community of people fulfilling their birthright to be healthy, happy, and loved!