This theme really got me thinking about when I was pregnant with my daughter 34 years ago. I had a difficult pregnancy and a lot of complications during my labor. My partner/coach helped me with my breathing during labor, and doctors and nurses checked in on me.

But what if Bio-Touch had been available to me? How different would the entire experience have been for me if, while pregnant, my partner had touched the specific points on my body to help alleviate my gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and the stresses on my mind and emotions?

What if, instead of just breathing with me during labor, my partner had been equipped with the knowledge to touch me correctly to relax me, ease my pain, reduce the trauma to my unborn child, etc.?

What if, after child birth, he could have facilitated in my healing using Bio-Touch to help me cope with the lack of sleep and the pressures of having a new baby? What if I could have used Bio-Touch on my infant daughter to help welcome her into her new body and this new experience? What an entirely different experience this would have been for all of us!

If you, or someone you care about, is pregnant, I would like to encourage you to add Bio-Touch to your “tool kit” to utilize during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, as well. Its ability to reduce pain and stress can add so much joy to this beautiful occasion!