I believe that freedom is the ability to choose what one believes. When contemplating what freedom means to me, this is the definition that most resonates. Think about it—no matter who we are, where we are, or what our circumstances, we have the right to choose what we believe. When I talk about belief I am not talking about what you think, I am talking about how it feels while you are thinking what you think. Does it make your heart sing with joy or does it feel like a heavy weight resting on your shoulders? Which do you prefer? I decided a long time ago that I prefer heart-singing, love-inducing, spell-binding bliss.

That is why, for over eight years now, I have chosen to believe in Bio-Touch. From my very first session, I knew that I had discovered an amazing secret! Someone could touch me and I felt better! And then I learned that I could do the same for others with this simple, loving, touch therapy! Whether it was a headache, high blood pressure, or stress from life’s demands—whatever the condition—it was dramatically improved by the end of a session!

So I ask you to consider your freedom to choose what you believe. My hope for you is that you prefer to indulge in a happy and healthy life, where the magic of a technique such as Bio-Touch, both given and received, brings you infinite joy!