There is an old saying, “charity begins at home.” I just looked up the word charity in the Thesaurus, and one of the many synonyms is “humanity.”  How perfect for this blog because I have always believed that the relationships between family members prepare us for greater opportunities to serve the members of the true family called Humanity.

We are all using terms like “blended family” and “extended family,” and through our shared experiences and unfolding self awareness we are redefining the concept of what a family is.

At the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics (IFBM), we believe that Bio-Touch is a unique healing technique.  It is a true relationship in which both recipient and associate give and receive love. It is simple to learn and accessible to all, so our vision to have every family in the world sharing it can be realized. For me, Bio-Touch is the touch of the heart.  It promotes self awareness, bonds families, and embraces the principle to “Love Thy Neighbor.”  It is truly a means for Brotherhood—the keynote of the Human family—to emerge.