“When you open your heart to giving, angels fly to your door.” ~Author Unknown

I’m very excited about the Bio-Touch “Be An Angel” campaign, a special opportunity to give back and “put love into action.” It’s a heartfelt way for all of us to contribute. So please support the Bio-Touch organization, which has shared countless hours of Bio-Touch sessions, on a donations basis, to thousands of people for twenty-five years! Click on the “Be An Angel” link to learn more.

This campaign is also your chance to pre-order your copies of Bio-Touch: HEALING WITH THE POWER IN OUR FINGERTIPS, the first book every written about Bio-Touch. SelectBooks Inc. of New York is the publisher. I wrote this book because I had a deep yearning to get the word out to many more people about the wonders of Bio-Touch. The book is filled with personal stories of love, loss, learning, and hope. My literary agent is William Gladstone, founder of Waterside Productions Inc. Waterside is known for representing many top selling health titles and self-help books, including Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth.

Mr. Gladstone wrote, “Debra’s new book, Bio-Touch: HEALING WITH THE POWER IN OUR FINGERTIPS, is an important contribution to the self-help field and complements the other energy medicine bestsellers that Waterside has represented, including Soul Healing Miracles by Dr. and Master Sha.”

Please join the fun, food, dancing, and book signing at the Book Launch Gala on Oct. 17th. And thank you for showing your support and appreciation for all that Bio-Touch has done and will continue to do for humanity’s birthright of health, happiness, and love!

Debra Schildhouse