An excerpt from Chapter 2 of the book Bio-Touch: HEALING WITH THE POWER IN OUR FINGERTIPS by Debra Schildhouse

I was alone, so I tiptoed around the room, taking everything in. Hawaiian-sounding music played softly from the speakers of a stereo system. A large, wooden bookcase held a variety of health and wellness books. On the other side of the room, there were additional wooden shelves that displayed vitamin supplements, teas, and soaps for sale. The concrete floor was beautifully etched in a tiled design, and the walls were painted in bold colors of purple, turquoise, red, and mustard. There were two comfy-looking couches as well as a dozen or so chairs that had been arranged in a large circle. A bald-headed female mannequin—the kind you’d see in any department store—stood at the front of the room draped in a colorful wrap. I did a double take, wondering what she would be used for, when a smiling woman suddenly appeared from a back room.

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