You can learn Bio-Touch so that you can immediately practice it and notice results.

With a simple intent to help one’s fellow human beings and proper instruction, assistance may be initiated by any individual.  No special talent is required to be effective.  Everyone, because of their inherent love and compassion for those who are suffering, can perform these methods without limitation.  Everyone who is capable of understanding how to locate the few points describe in the manual is qualified to participate in the healing process.

Bio-Touch should be the simple and handy “go to” for every home’s first aid kit.

This technique is so wonderful for helping a loved one in a usually hopeless, fearful situation.  It gives both you and your loved one hope that everything will be okay.  There is no promise of a “cure” but always a sense of wellbeing and quality of life improvement.

Bio-Touch is wholistic practice — a great complementary or integrative approach to one’s healthcare.

Just by downloading the eBook training manual you can learn it on your own.



If you would rather have someone guide you through learning the technique take one of our classes.