There are so many stressors in life today…heck, just getting up in the morning can be stressful, let alone some of those stressors that we may carry from our ancestors. Yep, it is now being shown that many of our emotional and physical problems could be inherited.

Then once we arise and participate in the world, we are hit by even more stressors.  You really cannot stop being affected by stress, but you can alleviate the negative effects that those stresses have on your life—your health, happiness, and capacity for love.

Dr. Kenna Stephenson created the stress chart and the typical outcomes of those stressors in our lives. Then, through research on hormone levels in the body after Bio-Touch sessions, she found that if you can add Bio-Touch into that stress cycle, you can actually create a healthier quality of life by improving immune system responses.

If there were no other reasons to use Bio-Touch in our lives, that one reason would be enough! So, I’m excited to share Dr. Stephenson’s findings in the following chart.


Stress Cycle Chart