Learn Bio-Touch used by Family Members as a Touch Healing Approach Aid with Blindness & Visual Impairments

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Blindness is common throughout the world and in the U.S about 1 million people are blind.  It can happen to anyone.

Complete blindness is the inability to see anything, including light. If you are partially blind, you have limited vision, blurry vision or the inability to distinguish the shapes of objects.

Blindness can result from infections, accidents or genetic disorders.  Certain health conditions such as Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Diabetes or stroke can also cause blindness.

There are treatments available depending on the extent of the blindness.  These range from eyeglasses to surgery.  If someone is completely blind, there is much information on learning how to cope in daily living.

Bio-Touch can help to support those with blindness as well as address any difficulties that may arise. While not a substitute for standard medical care, Bio-Touch is an effective complement to medical protocols. Family members and friends can help each other feel better using Bio-Touch, without being concerned about negative side effects.

Learn More About Using Bio-Touch as A Healing Touch Therapy for Blindness

We would love to share the sets of points you would need to address Blindness. View the free presentation on Hashimoto’s Disease and then at 27 minute mark learn the Bio-Touch points that can address Hashimoto’s Disease. See video below.

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Do You Have Questions About Blindness and how a Healing Touch Therapy can work?

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Here is one set you will always perform before you apply any other sets: The GREETING

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special presentation by Kirk Adams, PhD.
Retired CEO of American Foundation for the Blind.