Emotional Trauma Dialogue.

Mondays with Bev & Paul: February19, 2024

Emotional Trauma is part of all of our lives, as was shared in our Workshop with Genny Garner. Bev & Paul go over how Bio-Touch can specifically help with these traumas especially because they are locked in the body.   PODCAST HERE 

Are You a Seasoned Practitioner? Mondays with Bev & Paul: February12, 2024

What is a “seasoned” practitioner in Bio-Touch? Is there such a designation? Bev & Paul discuss the usual paradigm of levels in the healing community and why Bio-Touch is unique in the presentation that everyone is effective at practicing Bio-Touch. Now how can you clinically show that? Or is it even desirable?   LISTEN TO…

Healthy Skepticism

Mondays with Bev & Paul: February 5, 2024

Don’t just believe what you hear about Bio-Touch Healing…try it and find out for yourself. Bev and Paul discuss healthy skepticism, especially with so many choices that we have in the healing community. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST  

Global Practitioners. Mondays with Bev & Paul: January 29, 2024

Bio-Touch Global Certified Practitioners help spread the “touch”. Bev & Paul honor all of those folks around the world serving humanity.   LISTEN TO THE PODCAST

An Undoing Process

Mondays with Bev & Paul: January 23, 2024

Bio-Touch is an undoing process. Bev & Paul talk about how the body begins to heal and some of the situations folks have gone through in the process.   LISTEN TO THE PODCAST

Just Love & Heal

Mondays with Bev & Paul: January 16, 2024

Just Love is being expressed in many public places now. It is recognized as a statement for humanity. With Bio-Touch we have a way to put Just Love into Action and begin to heal! Join Bev & Paul as they discuss this amazing idea. LISTEN TO PODCAST

We Are One

Mondays with Bev & Paul: January 8, 2024

“We Are One” is a nice concept, but with Bio-Touch Healing there is the opportunity to live in that experience. Bev & Paul share some words from the Dali Lama and talk about the power of Bio-Touch in addressing the body of a fellow human.    LISTEN TO THE PODCAST

Hopeful New Year 2024. Mondays with Bev & Paul: January 1, 2024

We were asked, “What exactly do you do?” Well, Bev and Paul go over it, again! Also they talk about what Bio-Touch can do for us all in 2024.    LISTEN TO THE PODCAST