damla certified practitioner turkey

We are experiencing a very important period of the earth. Maybe this is what Mayans were talking about. It is changing, the earth is changing, the life is changing, the human being is changing. I believe the Divine never leave us alone, at first this divine energy gives us some tools and then Divine let us to experience some storms, some waves alone. So that we can realize our own power, by using the tools given by the divine before, we understand our own power and capacity. And this power release us from fears, worries, diseases…

I think Bio-Touch is one of these tools given by Divine to understand ourself better, to believe in our own power, to believe that we can heal ourselves. Only by touching with two fingers as soft as butterfly, we are connecting to each other with a pure love. And love is the medicine of all and for all. Bio-Touch is a technic without any side effect, it is so simple that everyone can apply. And it has a strong power that supports people to recover. It helps to feel the power of love and their own power to both of the participant.

During the Corona Days, we have enough time to live a slower life, we have time to think about our thinking, think about our choices, we are taking new steps and new decisions about how to live our lives. People are getting more and more interested about awareness, spirituality, knowing themselves, knowing their capacity, alternative and holistic healing techniques etc. So this is a big time for IFBM.

It is time for IFBM to be the pioneer for all the members of the Bio Touch family. Now we are over boundaries. SO it is a good opportunity to make more online meetings, seminars, workshops. PR strategies and some ads will also be supportive.

IFBM is the roof under where all the members gather. With a collective collaboration Bio Touch can reach more people all over the world.

There is bridge between bio touch and science & medicine. By underlying this, IFBM is opening new fields for all the members.

I feel so lucky to experience Bio-Touch and to become of this family. I believe, Bio-Touch will be just like a Butterfly Effect 🙂 And it changes all one day.

Join us at Kimimila. We also have training in all trainings of Bio-Touch Healing.