Today I gave a Bio-Touch session to my suffering mother. Six years ago I learned this touch-healing technique because I craved to have some measure of control in situations where loved ones were suffering. You see, I didn’t know about Bio-Touch when my daughter had viral meningitis and the doctor-prescribed pain medications weren’t relieving her terrible headaches. I was helpless to do anything for her then; I could only be frustrated and frightened until she recovered on her own.

Mom is 95 years old, and up until recently has been fairly healthy. Unfortunately, though, over the past months she’s become frail and exceedingly thin, despite eating well. Congestive heart failure has caused her feet to swell and her breathing to be more labored. So she was placed on oxygen and in hospice care a few weeks back.

Then three days ago, she fell and broke her shoulder. The doctors at the hospital could only do so much—she isn’t a good candidate for surgery or the rehabilitation that would follow. So her shoulder and arm were wrapped for stability, she was prescribed pain-killers, and sent home—confined to bed. If Mom stays still, the pain isn’t too bad. But when she moves, she gasps and moans, quickly reminded of her broken shoulder.

It’s hard to see her in pain, especially at her age and in her weakened state. So it was a relief for me to be able to sit next to her bed, reach over, and lightly touch her today. Bio-Touch is touching as lightly as a butterfly, so I didn’t have to jostle her or apply any pressure. Within a few minutes my fingers (which she complained at first were too cold against her skin) warmed, and Mom started to relax. I touched the specific points on her body that bring down stress levels and anxiety, and she breathed more deeply. I touched around her arms and her bruised and broken shoulder, and then on her legs and feet, and finally on her head and neck. She smiled as her eyes closed. Then she fell asleep, the smile still in place.

I was smiling too. Bio-Touch is an incredible gift for both of us. It gives me something productive to do, helping alleviate Mom’s stress, pain, and inflammation. It gives her relief and comfort, wrapped in a loving touch that reminds her that she’s cared for, and not alone. And for that, I’m grateful beyond words.

Debra Schildhouse
Bio-Touch: Healing With The Power In Our Fingertips