Who am I?

I am a soul whose profession is Urban Planning, but who discovered that the purpose of life is to be a Healer and started to move on this path.

I completed my high school education in Italian High School, undergraduate and graduate education in Mimar Sinan University, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, and a doctorate in Urban Design Doctorate Program at Istanbul Technical University.

I was introduced to healing and healing when I was very young thanks to my grandmother and grandfather. My grandmother recited evil eye prayers to the children and elders, my grandfather used to calm the crying children by patting their stomach and back. My acquaintance with spiritualism began with the Spiritual Evolution group meetings my mother and father held with their friends at home, but I did not attend at the time because I was small.

I met bioenergy when my mother was having mental problems. At that time, I had no idea that I or all of us had the potential to heal themselves. After taking Pranic Healing training, I learned that thought is energy and how I can heal by transmitting prana, or life energy. My training on healing techniques continued with Reiki First, Second, Third Level and Master Level and Stone Healing.

During this period, I started classes to learn Argentina Tango, one of my childhood dreams. And at the same time, I worked as an assistant at the school where I studied dance. During this process, I realized how much we forgot our body in the rush of daily life and when we listen to it and connect with our body, it actually gives us signs of our spiritual transformation.

In the process of applying these techniques both to myself and to the environment, I experienced that a person can only recover if he / she wants and makes an effort, and that free will must be respected. After I met with angelic energies, I received Angel Therapy training. With my education at BIR, I learned the techniques for spiritual, mental and bodily integration and becoming ONE, and how I can guide in this regard.

I chose to share what I learned and my experiences in this learning process to explain that we can all do the same thing as we continue my journey of transformation, reaching the core, becoming one with the resource.

What Have I Done?

Pranic Healing Beginner – with Rainer Krell

Pranic Healing Advanced – with Rainer Krell

Pranic Psychotherapy – with Rainer Krell

Kriyashakti –

Reiki First Degree – with Lale Bayraktaroğlu

Reiki Second Degree – with Lale Bayraktaroğlu

Reiki Third Degree – with Usha Balachandra

Reiki Teaching and Mastership – with Gülnaz Özdemir

Stone Healing – with Usha Balachandra

Using Pendulum – With Usha Balachandra

Preparation for Spiritual Transformation 1, Meeting with Light and Angel Therapy – with Damla Selin Tomru

ONE – with Damla Selin Tomru

Bio-Touch is about love and spreading love. Anyone with the intention of helping others is a candidate to be a part of this amazing journey of healing through touch.

 What amazes me the most that Bio-Touch is very simple to learn, very easy to apply yet it is very effective and strong because it is based on the own healing mechanism of the body.

A certified practitioner is there just to touch and to respect the free will of the recipient makes Bio-Touch a universal and timeless healing technique.

 I understand that a certified practitioner always has to remember not to make any comments, or give any advice about the healing process of the recipient. But I also experienced that a Bio-Touch session is a unique experience both for the recipient and for the practitioner. For the recipient it helps to connect with his/her body and to understand its own healing capacity. When the recipient connects with his/her body this opens a channel to connect with the soul and to higher levels of awareness.

 For the practitioner it gives the possibility to be a channel for love through the touch. And also because we are all connected it helps to the practitioner to raise his/her awareness.

 The philosophy of IFBM is based on the idea of spreading love through the healing power of touch though it is not a healing foundation. It is an educational foundation that gives the possibility to anyone with good intention to learn and to apply the technique so that the technique can be a part of everyone’s lives. 

Didem is now a Certified Instructor for Bio-Touch Healing and is part of the Kimimila Center in Turkey.