Anyone who comes to the Honolulu Center on a regular basis will at some point have the opportunity to meet Anapela Lokelani Guveia., otherwise known as Lani.

Lani has become an institution at the Center, and we are pleased to have her. She brings her very own brand of compassion and good humor to us all.   If you’ve ever experienced a “double whammy” or have been”buss-up” you know what we’re talking about.

Lani told me that the first she heard of Bio-Magnetics was from a recipient she knew.  When she heard about it, she called us immediately because, she said, “It sounded like what I was looking for.”  She came in and signed up for a half-day workshop and the introductory class.  Paul Bucky happened to be teaching the half-day workshop and she said that while she was there, “Paul had to answer all of my questions.  Then I knew it was awesome.”

Lani then showed us how “awesome’ she is.  She immediately began to call her friends –Lani has lots of friends.  “I know a lot of people but I called people who also knew people, who know how to get doors opened and how to get this to everybody.”  And that she did!  She set up talks at people’s houses, at elderly housing facilities and just about anywhere.  “I felt I wanted to get this to people who wouldn’t have found out about the Center on their own.”  As a result of the talks, we set up several classes and starting seeing many new recipients at the Center.

She didn’t stop there but immediately began putting in her 60 hours towards Certification.  “Actually, I put in 73 ½ hours.  I wanted to make sure I got it down pat” she said.

During this whole time she never got a treatment herself.  Lani explained that shehad been injured in2 separate car accidents in1987, was still feeling effects from them; her nervous system was over-stressed and her neck bothered her a great deal.  He said, “It altered my whole life.  It was difficult for the people around me.”

Lani shared that, for years, she used other therapeutic techniques and found she felt depleted, many times getting sick herself.  When she got into Bio-Magnetics many of her family members were concerned, wondering if working on so many people would make her sick.  She told them that, not only was she not getting sick, she was getting better, even without receiving treatments herself.  She says that after working at Bio-Magnetics she’s much calmer and her neck is fine.  Lani attributes it all to working on other people. “Because of working on people, I started that it’s a two-fold process. I didn’t notice anything at first, but after a while I noticed that certain aches and pains didn’t bother me anymore.”

Lani has also been sharing Bio-Magnetics with her family. Her daughter, Haroldean Martin, began coming in when she learned she was pregnant.  She made a standing appointment to come at 10:00 a.m. on Fridays.  Haroldean came in faithfully for her session all the way up until the day the baby arrived.  Haku Hau’oll Mal’kal Martin, a beautiful 7 pound 6 ounce baby boy was born at 9:52 a.m. on Friday April 7, 1995 – as if he were trying to make his regular Bio-Magnetics appointment.   Also, Haroldean is now doing Bio-Magnetic on the baby every day, and both mother and baby are doing great!

“I love working here at Bio-Magnetics.  It has always been my childhood dream to be able to help people.  It has been great for me to pass this on, because it is for everyone.”  Lani continues to help pass on Bio-Magnetics and has become an instructor.  As soon as she became a Certified Practitioner, she enrolled in the Foundation’s Instructor program.  “Being an instructor is really my cup of tea.  I didn’t come to Bio-Magnetics to get worked on, but to share it with others.”

Lani explained that she pushed through the Instructor Program because she knew it was what she wanted to do.  “I’ve studied health and wellness techniques for 3- years and of all the techniques, Bio-Magnetics is the best.  I can’t see myself doing anything else   My hands are trained for Bio-Magnetics, my hands don’t massage anymore –they just touch.”  She went on to say that “you don’t force the body to do anything, but you let the body heal on its own terms.  So many of my old clients want me to work on them har – fo’ what?”  I tell them just let the healing take its course, don’t let that hard stuff clutter hour brain – just touch!”

“For me, working to become certified and to become an instructor took some personal sacrifices, but I knew what I was doing.  I knew what I wanted, and I knew that I needed to do it.  It’s awesome!”