Arizona Daily Star
by Christine Wald-Hopkins
February 6, 2016

Bio-Touch: Healing with the Power in our Fingertips by Debra Schildhouse (SelectBooks, Inc., $16.99)

In this book, Tucsonan Debra Schildhouse describes how she went from a big-haired blond with a fondness for cosmetics to a Bio-Touch healer, a follower of one-time-hippie, Paul Bucky, who promotes “Bio-Magnetic Touch Healing”— the practice of relieving pain through light, finger-tip touch. Schildhouse relates Bucky’s story, from a 1970s commune leader to a 21st century alternative medical practitioner, and weaves in her own. After a series of epiphanies, Bucky determined that love and light physical contact could be curative, and he established a healing and teaching practice. In her own story, Schildhouse sought spiritual solace through such practices as astral projection and previous-life regression, but she discovered Bio-Touch after her daughter incurred debilitating pain. She took Bucky’s course to become a certified practitioner, and now writes for the organization. The book includes anecdotes of patient success and a foreword by UA Heath Sciences Professor Gary E. Schwartz, supporting the efficacy of energy healing.