In November of 1994 I started coming to Bio-Magnetics, mostly for hypertension and found that my blood pressure would go down dramatically.  The more times I came the longer my blood pressure would stay down. About December 1994 I became involved in other thing and stopped coming.  In March of 1995 I started back with my appointments, because I had been diagnosed as diabetic.  Since then, I’ve taken the Certification Class and have (done) my hours as of May 13.  The side effects of the class and working with recipients are that I’ve stopped my blood pressure medications and never started my diabetes medication.  My sugar is under control and even though my blood pressure is a little high, I feel much better with no medications.  The last side effect is the most amazing to me.  I had discoloration on my calves that has lightened and gone away in places.  Bio-Magnetics has been healing for me as well as surprising.

Bear, Tucson