Name:  Bunni Chatham                                                     City:  Honolulu

Initial problems:  Husband Allan had 4 crushed vertebrae in lower spine.  After attending Bio-Magnetics classes I began to work on him 20 minutes daily.

How long did you experience this problem before you came to Bio-Magnetics?   He was progressively worse for 2 years.  He could barely walk.

How did you feel after 1st treatment?  He didn’t feel anything in fact he was asleep for nearly all of the treatment.

What was your prognosis before you started Bio-Magnetics?  Kaiser planned to operate and fuse four vertebrae.

Did you notice a change in your condition after receiving Bio-Magnetics?  If so, when did that occur and what was your experience?   Over a four month period of 5 weekly treatments, he began to walk upright and could sail his boat again. In five months,, the pain was relieved.  That was over a year ago and he still gets treatments once a week and maintains a youthful energetic and frisky lifestyle.

Did you participate in any other standard or alternative health care practice while doing Bio-Magnetics?    Your Spine Center, and light work, reiki and meditation and prayer.

Did those practitioners notice any change in your condition?  Yes, of course.

Other comments:  Everybody I know thinks Bio-Magnetics is wonderful!  Thank you!