March 2016

One of my first client’s was a 38 year old mother of twin boys (4 years old) suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. She had been battling this disease since she was 18 years old and was fortunate in the sense that it had not relegated her to a wheel chair yet. She is extremely active and her twin boys are a handful! However having tried many alternative healing methods which caused her to have severe physical spasms she was very sure that’s what would happen to her through Bio-Touch too.

When we started work she was on anti-depressants and steroids. Severe fatigue, depression. Anxiety and pain down her back were the symptoms. She also had absolute numbness in one thumb. My first aim was to give her the confidence that there would be no side effect to our Bio-Touch sessions and she would not suffer any kind of spasm. As each session went by, the physical pain eased, even tingling sensation returned to her thumb. After 3 full body sessions, the fatigued state was not improving. So I decided to follow the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome procedure from the TriOm book that I have (specific points, in specific order at the exact same time for 7 consecutive days). By day 3 the fatigue had reduced and by day 7 it was all gone never to return… to this day! As we went back to the usual full body procedure, her antidepressants and steroids were tapered off two weeks before the scheduled date. In all we did a whole month of Bio-Touch starting with daily sessions and tapering it off gradually. She hasn’t had MS symptoms or spasms for a year and a half now.

These were the physical effects. But on a subconscious level Bio-Touch eliminated her fear of side-effects and spasms. This led her to try hypnotherapy and chakra healing to resolve her anger issues, ease her marriage trouble and rebuild her family relationships. She has also learnt hypnotherapy now and is a practitioner helping other people deal with their emotional baggage.