IT HAS TO DO WITH HEALING:  Consequentially, improving my mental attitude.  It happened to many people in this regard and I want to relate the story exactly as it happened without any imagination without any recourse to embellishment or any of that sort of thing   I’ll do my best to be straight and honest.

To begin with, I’m a blind man.  In our family we have a blindness that is hereditary.  It is called retinitis pigmentose –better knows a “RP”.  Half the men go blind every other generation.  The female carries the recessive gene for this blindness.  They give it to their sons, but they don’t get it themselves.  They pass it on to their daughters in the forms of a recessive gene.  Needless to say, I’ve been blind—totally blind about five or six years.  It’s been a slow thing and steadily.  In this generation, there are eight of us with this blindness.  The next generation I know of two, but they are very young yet, and probably don’t know that they have it.  At any rate, I am a blind man, and I also have leukemia, CLL.  That means the least oppressive type of leukemia.  There are three.  I’ve been told I had about eleven years to live.  A lot of that has to do with a person’s condition, etc., and their mental attitude.

I used to have a fishing buddy who’d take me fishing, and we got along famously.  Some time went by and I talked to him one day and he sounded like I wouldn’t be seeing him anymore.  He had brittle diabetes.  He was a brittle diabetic, I should say, and was in very bad shape.  It was only a few months after that (perhaps six months).  It was at a funeral that I saw him and I heard him speaking to me, and he sounded just like he did when we went fishing.  He sounded like his old self, just like he did when we went fishing.  I asked him, “What in the world has happened to you?  You sound wonderful.”  He told me he would call and tell me about it, which in the course of time, he did.  He said he found out about a process akin to laying of hands, but a little more detailed than that by a long shot.  This was called “bio-magnetics”.  He took me out to the foundation.  It’s a new process A matter of a few years back, it was brought to light, and is now a really going concern.  I’m sorry, but I’m very much of a skeptic on anything.  I’m a skeptic on ways to make money and ways for someone to take it away from you.  In spite of this, I am not the type of person to be blunt or rude, and if they had done this for my friend, then perhaps there was something to it. So I acquiesced to being treated.  First thing I noticed it made me feel a little strange.  After the treatment, they were very nice and warm. They said there was no charge.  They were all volunteers and their main concern was to help people and see them get better.  I wondered in my mind if they saw many people getting better.  Of course, I had to admit there was my friend.  So we left.  I experienced some unnatural but rather gratifying results.  They told me that discomfort here and there that wouldn’t amount to anything and would go away soon.  I had had a hard blow on the kidneys many year ago which lasted for a month or so; but suddenly that afternoon I recognized the pain I had had in my kidney those many years ago. It hurt, but only for a minute or so, but the pain was recognized as exactly the pain I had had before.  Still being skeptical, I laid it to my imagination or coincidence.  But it was enough to tickle my interest, and I went again.  I continued to go.  The practitioners were alwys so kind and concerned.   They said there was no charge, but I felt so inclined, to put a donation in the pot.  That proved to me there was certainly no cam involved.  I kept going week after week and kept feeling better.  My white blood count had been as high as 196,000.  It should be 10,000.  At that time I had felt like I was going to die, but the doctor put me on a mild chemotherapy, which brought it down, and that wa before I was going to Bio-Magnetics  The usual thing in that it continued to go up steadily It did – a little, and then it come down to 39,000.  It went back and forth, and made me wonder.   My doctor said, “Well, that’s just a peculiarity with you.”  I accepted that.

Then they were working on my eyes and never giving up.  For a blind man t see again is virtually unheard of, except under the hand of the Almighty.  Well, they never gave up, and I kept feeling better.  Every time I would have a treatment, I would feel wonderful, sometimes, two or three days after.  It went down to twice a week, and I still felt good.  My leukemia just didn’t bother me at all, even though sometimes it would go up fairly high and then down again.  Then I began to think, goodness, I could see the light by the window—a glow of light, and I got quite excited.  I was convinced they w3re doing things for me.  To see after all that darkness!  I would have a problem with claustrophobia and sometimes would feel I was going crazy.  That light was just so exciting –astounding.  As time went on, it continued to get a little better.  I couldn’t really identify anything, for I really couldn’t see anything.  When I went outside, everything was dark grey and inside everything was black.  But, as time went on, I could see that I was outside. I could see a lighter grey.  Then things began to appear, and I thought it was just my imagination.  It’s hard to tell when you are beginning to see something.  It’s hard to describe it.  It’s like a collage –seen through a thick fog.  There would be an odd little pattern, but then one morning a few months ago, I went into the bathroom and turned on the light as I always do, and looked in the mirror.  And there I saw the ugliest old man I had ever seen!  His eyes were dark sockets; he had white-white hair over him.   It ook me up for I realized it was me, that I was actually seeing.  I couldn’t believe it.  I wasn’t impressed with what I was looking at, but what excitement.  I looked harder and harder and it faded away And I thought, “Did I really see that?”  Yes, I knew I had.  I came to Bio-Magnetics all excited and told them about it, and it was though they were seeing; they were so excited for me.

The last big thing that happened to me was one day when we were riding home from Mancos.  I thought I saw a light in the corner of my eye.  I looked over to the right, and there was the most beautiful sight I had seen—after my wife.  Looking over there I saw those two great mountains.  I had no idea those mountains were so high.  We were coming down into Chery Creek.  In the sy were flimsy clouds The sun had gone down behind one of the mountains, and it was shining on those clouds.  Such a beautiful sunset.  I was astounded.  I told them what I was seeing.  I described it, and they said that was right.  I could see what I thought were trees on one mountain and followed it up as high as it would go, but by then it was only a matter of a minute or so and it started fading out.  But I had seen!  That scene has been seared into my mind.  I take it out periodically to see it, it was beautiful!  Since then, things kept getting a little plainer.  I would ee things like the edge of a door.  Thinking it was further away than it was, I usually bumped into it.  My head is covered with bumps.  That was such a thrill and now I can look outside.

Prior to seeing that sunset, I had looked out the back window and looked to where a certain tree was. I could see that tree.  I used to look at it to see how much sight I was losing –that is before everything had gone black.  It slowly over the days disappeared.  I looked out there and there was that tree.  I could see it and could almost follow it to the top.  This had to be in the morning before the sun was up.  I looked towards the northeast where the tree was.  I could even see spaced between the branches.  It was a ponderosa pine tree.  Then after seeing the sunset I started looking out there again; and I can see the top of that tree.  It’s all very fuzzy.  Anything I see is fuzzy, except that sunset and my face in the mirror.  The tree will stay for a while and then it slowly disappears.

The same thing has been happening to me with my leukemia.  My white count would slowly climb up, and I am now on chemotherapy again.  It’s so mild that it hasn’t really bothered me.  The white count is coming down now.  What I am writing this for, is the miracle of Bio-Magnetics, in my mind, I think it’s the laying on of hands –the original way and the proper way.  Christ did such healings and told us we would do greater than this.  I keep thinking, “Is this possible what He meant? It is possibly going to heal millions of people, that people can minister one to another with the same candor and unselfishness?”  It could be—it very easily could be.

Curtis E. Thornton-Trump

Age 74