In 2003 I ran a marathon in Durango, CO.  At the time I hadn’t realized the significance of that feat. When people run the Boston, they’re running at sea level. Durango is at 6,500ft elevation. The run taxes every part of the body. In 2004 I broke my right heel bone and quit running.

So for the last 13 years I’ve had so much pain that I could barely walk at times let alone run.  I learned the Bio-Touch method in the early 90s and have continued to do the touch, however sporadically.  

In May of this year I traveled to Tucson and spent 8 days at the center and became a Certified Practitioner.  I have since given several introductory Bio-Touch workshops and have opened a small shop in Durango.  I’ve helped numerous recipients. While in Tucson, I didn’t receive specific sessions regarding my foot issues, however since that time I’ve been pain free.

It has occurred to me that the practitioner receives the benefit of Bio-Touch while doing the points on a recipient. So I’ve added myself to my list of recipients. I am now running again thanks to Bio-Touch.