Bio-Magnetics Touch Healing has changed my life profoundly.

In July, 1998, I shared with a friend that I was in the process of taking classes for healing touch. In turn, she shared with me about BMTH and suggested I ask about their classes. As the universe would have it, they were having a practitioner training that weekend. After listening to the story of BMTH and learning about the Center, I knew I had to get involved on some level. Needless to say, my path would take a turn as I entered the doors of IFBM.

Immediately following the PT, I decided to do the Certification Class and began interning at the Center. As I interned, I also got treatment regularly. I began to notice not only physical changes, but also changes in my mental and emotional state of being. Everything I do comes back to myself. Childhood issues surfaced taking me deeper into self. BMTH is like a “trigger point,” the aspect that has brought everything together for me. A long time ago I made a conscious choice to let go of the past and bitterness. BMTH has helped me to understand on a deeper level that the unconscious mind holds all. I could see more clearly my illusions and truth. The best way I can explain what it is for me is by this quote: “The surface holds only illusions; search deeper for the truth.”

I have shared it with my family, friends and many others. I have seen wonderful results with mu children and they love it. One of the neatest things about BMTH is it is contagious. A good friend took my boys to the park. As she pushed my 3 year old son on the swing, she hurt her head. She told me that he got off the swing and began to do sweeps on her hand, telling her he could help her; he knew touch healing. I feel BMTH is a wonderful gift I have been able to share with my children and all others. Because it is so simply, my children can do it and gives them a sense of self-worth by allowing them to help others.

BMTH is an important part of my life and I use it daily. I have been able to share it on very intimate levels. With friends as a Chaplain in hospitals and in homes, I have found that BMTH gives people a sense of integrity, comfort and peace allowing them to move in their own direction and at their own pace. It has been a blessing to see how love helps me get out of the way. Recently, I have found myself teaching BMTH sets to people whether I know them or not. The teaching aspect has become very important to me. I love our mission statement: “Love one another” – it tells me everything I need to know. BMTH has given me so much I have a sense I cannot fail. It is definitely a process of self-awareness and awakening for me.

Diane Gates Hawkins; Honolulu, HI