I am currently working at a large HMO as a Parent-Child Clinical Nurse Specialist.  My job is to facilitate patients across the patient care continuum from clinic to hospital to home.  During this time, when hospital stays are getting shorter and alternatives to hospitalization need to be considered, I believe Bio-Magnetics offers valuable tools to nurses and patients’ families.  I took the introductory Class at Kapiolani Community College and have gone on to become certified by the Foundation.  I now volunteer at the Center where we offer individual sessions in BMTH.  I have found my experience in the Center greatly rewarding, and I have had the opportunity to work on my own as a BMTH practitioner.  I feel especially grateful to have been involved with a recipient who I worked with from the ICU through the skilled nursing Facility who had been diagnosed with Guillian Barre.  I encourage all nurses to attend this introductory course and learn more about the healing potential of Bio-Magnetic Touch Healing.