April 25, 1996


To the Staff at the Tucson Center:

I started receiving Bio-Magnetics ministrations in June, 1995 at the time I took the Introductory Class, and have continued to receive them once for twice or twice a week.  The other day I was mentally reviewing the sets of points that have been worked on me during the treatments and I was surprised that I have had a response from each set of points!

I have better memory retention and recall; I have lost many inches around my waist and abdomen; my digestive system is working better; my neck and shoulders are so much more relaxed that I hold my chiropractic treatments much longer; my night vision has improved to the point that I feel confident to drive to evening events which I did not do the past few years; my lower back seldom bothers me anymore; I have atrial fibrillation and that seldom bothers me now.  Perhaps best of all, I am more at peace emotionally after a tremendous emotional clearing which spontaneously occurred.  When I realized that all of these responses have taken place in one year I could only say, “It’s amazing!!”

Thanks to the staff at the Tucson Center for all of your help, encouragement and support.


Dorothy Summers

Tucson, AZ

Age 70