Dear Colleagues,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a fascinating form of alternative medicine called Bio-Magnetic Touch HealingTM.  This technique is taught by the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics and involves the light touching of the body with the index and middle finger of both hands.

There are several key differences in this method that cause me to support its use and the work of the Foundation.  First, the Foundation is a not for profit educational foundation.  Their goal is to teach people how to perform the technique.  Second, this method is simple to learn – even children have become practitioners.  Thirdly, this technique is as effective for those who have just learned as it is for experienced practitioners.

I have used this method for a variety of conditions in my own office, including migraines, back pain, shoulder pain, sprains, post-herpetic neuralgia, anxiety, hypertension, and tinnitus to name the most frequent.  I have seen this technique work to reduce pain in 3-5 minutes, sometimes dramatically!

I would encourage you to learn more about this simple, yet helpful technique.  For more information, contact the Foundation.


Michael D. Blanchard  M.D.

Department of Family Practice

Sutter North Medical Foundation

800 Third Street

Marysville CA 95901