I’ve always been a procrastinator, but recently I’ve reached an awareness that by procrastinating I delayed discovering something that has set a fire under me—Bio Magnetics.  Hmm, about ten months ago, (Sept. 1995) I met this wooly-bully man folks called “Bear” at Awakenings Bookstore.  I had mentioned to him about being on a search for a way to help people and to feel my life had purpose.  Bear talked about Bio-Magnetics and told me about the Center.  He spoke of the treatments with such enthusiasm I thought “Uh-huh!”

So I thirsted along-then about a month later I met Jim Travis, who gave me a wonderful combination treatment of an herbal bath, massage and Bio-Magnetics  Jim recommended for me to go to the center for Bio-Magnetic treatments because of my bad back (result of three car accidents)  Hmmm!!   Now could there be something to this – there was that suggestion again –check out Bio-Magnetics.

Now remember I said I was a procrastinator –I made numerous appointments and canceled them.  I signed up for class not once, not twice, but three times before I actually made it to my first class.  Then for two days I sat through class thinking, “There’s got to be something to this,” but I sure could not figure it out.  Being from Missouri, “The Show Me State” I decided I had better sign up for the Certified Practitioner  Class- still trying to figure out what it was really all about.

In the meantime, I began getting treatments at the center.  First for tendonitis in my right wrist and hand, which was a result of a wrist fractured in two places over two years ago.  At that time I was on 1500 milligrams of anti-inflammatories a day and wearing a wrist brace.  Within a short period of time, I was off the meds and no longer wearing a brace.  And then something started happening.  I had suffered irregular periods since I started menstruating; I had been operated on twice for ovarian cysts had severe ovarian cysts; had severe endometriosis and major PMS. Keep in mind I started treatments in February and now in July for the past six months, I have experienced cycles of 28 to 29 days, little cramping, cysts breaking up and PMS for 1 or 2 days per month, rather than 2 to 3 weeks a month.  I feel for the first time in my life at peace with my body. 

In class, Paul kept throwing around the phrase “self-awareness”.  That phrase made me feel really uncomfortable and yet it was always where I was at.  The odd thing was that I kept going to classes – “just to observe.”  I was also getting really ticked off that things in my life and with my body were changing.  It was not only the physical changes  which bugged me, which soon came to include back pain disappearing; experiencing only one asthmatic attack all spring, better posture, the beginning of weight loss (21 lbs now), but also emotional changes as well.  There was letting go of my fear of being touched which resulted in an actual healing from being abused as a child and this gave birth to trust and starting to be able to accept and give love. 

I still held on to procrastinating by not starting my certification hands-on hours by staying away from the Center.  Ironically, I live and work in walking distance from the Center.  I finished the certification class with very few hours of hands-on experience, and then I began hearing rumors of how working on folks made you even feel better.  So, of course I just had to check this out.  Amazingly, my journey led me to another level of self-awareness—my self-confidence was beginning to surface.

Remember when I said ten months ago I had first heard of Bio-Magnetics?  Well, a of June 26, 1996, I became a Certified Practitioner.  Last Saturday, I agreed to work as Outreach Coordinator with John.  I’m also starting the Instructor Program, doing treatments out of my home, teaching Bio-Magnetics to Jessica, my 8 year old daughter and doing treatments on her.  (She’s also practicing on me.)  And I’m spreading an awareness of Bio-Magnetics on a daily basis, hourly even, whenever and wherever I can.

So Cheryl, I finally have put my experience into writing – a reformed procrastinator?  Well,  all I know is I love doing Bio-Magnetics and experiencing people discovering Just Touch—and now, I have work to do and I love doing it.


Glo Theirjung

July 12, 1996

Tucson, Arizona