Last summer I began to have trouble with my left shoulder. I am not sure what the cause was but I think it was just general abuse. Several years before, I had had hurt it trying to start the lawn mower and since then had not been able to pull it hard enough to start it.

Anyway, the pain began and day by day increased until the pain would wake me at night when I turned over. It reached the point where I could not move the arm I a backward motion, forward motion was becoming restricted and sidewise motion was out of the question.
It was about that time that my friend Doris Lalliberte discovered BMTH and took the course. As a way of helping her learn, I and a few other friends let her work on us a couple times a week. It didn’t take very long before I noticed a difference in the way I could use my shoulder.

When I realized what was happening, I made an effort to have treatment twice a week. It took about 3 months before my shoulder feels normal now. Once in a while I move a certain way and am reminded not to abuse it again but, on the whole, I have been saved from a lot of pain and a long course of treatment for “frozen shoulder.”: Thank you, BMTH.

What happened to the lawn mower? We bought an electric one.

Helen Gongaware; Yuba City, CA