January 28, 1996

In January of 1995, I had a cast boot removed after eight weeks –as a result of a combination of arthritis, gout and the after-effects of a broken ankle. My feet, ankles and knees were badly swollen. I had difficulty walking without a cane and there were times when I didn’t know which leg to limp on. As a result of this constant pain, I was not moving beyond the basic necessities of work and “living”, certainly not getting even gentle exercise.

In June, my doctor recommended that I see a podiatrist. Also in June, a friend told me about Bio-Magnetics. So I “did both”. On the same day. In the morning, the podiatrist increased the dosage and changed the medication for the arthritis, evaluated the need for a new cane, and discussed the probability of braces. .and/or surgery. And, see him in eight weeks for a follow-up visit. I was horrified..terrified.

In the afternoon I received my first Bio-Magnetics treatment. I didn’t know what to think. It was so gentle it almost didn’t feel like anything. It certainly didn’t cause any problems for my badly swollen feet and knees. I made some more appointments, finally settling on a schedule of three treatments a week.

By the time the follow-up appointment with the podiatrist arrived in August, I was not using the cane inside and decreasing its use outside. I had also discontinued the use of the anti-inflammatory medication because I didn’t need it any more. When I was seen by the podiatrist, his astonishment was incredible. He evaluated the condition of my considerably less swollen ankles and knees and said, “It’s a miracle..continue what you’re doing.” After discussing the program I was following and natural healing in general, he was willing to write a prescription for further Bio-Magnetic treatments.

After receiving almost eight months of Bio-Magnetic treatments, there continues to be improvements in my overall health. Because I am not in constant pain, I am moving more and moving better. I no longer limp –or wonder which leg to limp on – and have a much stronger walk. I certainly feel more in control of my overall health and well-being.

I feel like I have my life back, thanks to Bio-Magnetics.