“I have had several major concussions, my back has been fractured in 3 placed and my neck has several compression fractures.  My right hand has been pierced through the center by the horn of an angry bull.  This was all before my breast cancer diagnosis…My practitioners were surprised when the swelling and pain in my knee was gone, and it was more stable.  Also my bone scan was delayed for 1 ½ months and the results came back oral.  Progress like this a year after surgery is rare.  My uncontrolled weight gain immediately reversed, probably also with the help of herbs from my sister.  My headaches are only part-time now and are consistently diminishing.  My back pain is half as bad as it was and is also diminishing.

I am able to increase my physical activities and can again do a back flip on the trampoline and in acrobatics I can lift a 215 pound man with my legs with no pain.  Without Bio-Magnetics I probably never would have been able to do this and other skills again   I’m even able to resume surfing.

Thank you Bio-Magnetics Practitioners for your understanding, compassion and generous loving ongoing help!  As I celebrate my 52ndbirthday, I will remember your great contributions to my health, life and happiness.  I’m eternally grateful.        “

Janet Shaw    Honolulu, Hawaii