August, 1992

Before coming to Bio-Magnetics, I had been suffering from many injuries.  Those injuries I had for a long time – some up to ten years without healing.

The injuries that I had before coming to Bio-Magnetic were as follows:

1)  Damage done to lower back while doing flips off a diving board.  The injury occurred ten years ago and I suffered from pain in the lower back especially in the morning.  I had tightness in the knees, pain on the outside of knees; tightness in the buttocks. These conditions had not shown any improvement for eight years.

2)  Injury number two was a badly torn ligament on my right ankle.  It was repaired surgically five years ago.  Since the operation, I was still suffering from stiffness in ankle, bottom of foot, wouldn’t  rest fist on the ground, pain in area of injury, lack of flexibility and strength, constant respraining of ankle, numbness and lack of feeling around area of operation, and a large scar.

3)  Injury #3 was torn medial collateral ligaments in left knee which occurred seven years ago and there was still pain in area of injury, weakness in left  knee, constant restraining of the knee.

4)  Injury #4 was done in car accident.  One year I suffered from constant migraine headaches and dizziness.  It is 5 years since the accident and I was still suffering from the above including tightness in neck and shoulders with constant cracking of the neck and pulling of the neck muscles.

5)  Injury #5 was probably the worst.  I injured my lower back while moving furniture.  I pulled all the muscles from my lower buttocks up to my mid back, –from my spine all the way to my side. I suffered severe back pains, muscle spasms, constant pulling of the back muscles and a bent over posture.  I could not arch back without causing pain and could not lift anything.

6)  Injury #6 was damage to left shoulder muscles and upper back while colliding into a car door on my bike with my shoulder while going 30 mph.   This was 5 months ago.  Complaints included pain in left shoulder and upper back, weakness in arm and could not raise the arm above head while exerting force.

These were the injuries and complaints that I had been suffering form before seeking Bio-Magnetics treatments.  I have been coming to Bio-Magnetics International two times a weekly for 31/2 months now.  I cannot believe the changes that have occurred in this short time.

The right ankle that had the surgery on it now has feeling in the areas surrounding the place of the operation.  The scar itself has drastically faded quite a bit.

I now have an increase in flexibility, strength and reduction in discomfort in the area.  My ankle is much stronger now and it rarely does get reinjured.

The left knee with the torn ligaments is much stronger now.  The pain is drastically reduced to almost non-existent.

Since seeking treatment, my posture has improved drastically.  I am no longer hunched over like I was before but now I am standing much taller.  I can now arch my back greatly without discomfort.  This I could not do before. My back is a lot stronger now and I rarely pull the muscles in my back any more. The flexibility in my back has increased greatly in all areas of my back, especially the lower back.  The pain in my back has been reduced dramatically.

Before coming to Bio-Magnetics I was physically drained by all the pain and discomfort in my back.  I am now no longer drained by the pain.  I am feeling much happier as a result.  Now I am able to do much more physical work, without causing injury to my back.

In the area of my neck and upper back and shoulders I have noticed a remarkable looseness and increased flexibility in the shoulders and neck muscles.  The muscles in my shoulders used to be tight causing pain.  Now the muscles are much looser.  The shoulder injury is totally healed.

What is interesting to note is that many of the injuries that I had, had not improved or gotten better since the time of the injury.  In some cases the conditions of the injury had not improved in 10 years.  All of these injuries have shown considerable levels of healing in only 4 months and many have almost totally healed since I started seeking treatments in Bio-Magnetics.  Also a note is that I have not utilized any other standard or alternative techniques except two chiropractic treatments last month.

This is my story!

John Munno, Hawaii