I started Bio-Magnetics therapy in March, 1992 as a result of a conflict with my doctor about an operation. She felt she needed to do because of a cyst approximately 2 cm. x 3 cm was found on my right ovary. I have a history of endometriosis and cysts and have an operation for them previously. I also was taking progesterone to help the PMS syndrome. I was experiencing pain as well as uncertainty concerning my physical well-being. I also had a shoulder reconstructed and needed a chiropractic adjustment frequently.

Since I’ve been with Bio-Magnetics I have less pain throughout my body and am no longer taking progesterone. I am taking a PMS vitamin supplement. I haven’t needed chiropractic adjustments and have actually felt my spine shift and my muscles resume their correct place after being stretched. I also had muscles ache throughout my body which occur less frequently. I feel less anxiety and frustrated just not having to deal so much with the medical profession. I don’t know if the cyst has gone away and “may” try to get an ultrasound next March to check. I am feeling better than I have felt for years and finally have hope of getting well. This didn’t all happen at once for I needed to go through several ”cleansings” before coming to this point in my healing.

I like that Bio-Magnetics is noninvasive and payment is on a donation basis. It also absolutely cannot hurt and does help facilitate wellness.