Dear Foundation Family,

Am I ever glad to be back in the hand of the folks at BMTH. Not only has my lupus gone into remission AGAIN, but my kidney dialysis treatments are a lot easier to handle physically, as well as psychologically. Not to mention the fact that my monthly blood tests show that my general health is on the rise. All the numbers have been improving since I’ve been coming back to regular sessions. Who knows, someday I may even be able to maintain my health, without kidney dialysis. With BMTH, the sky is the limit.

I say lupus is in remission “again” because several years ago after having been hospitalized because of the disease, I began coming to BMTH at least 3 times a week At that time I was still very weak, my blood pressure was very high and I literally had to take a hand-full of pills and various medications to keep me going. Slowly I began to feel better. I knew that having people touch me was the key to my recovery. I was so inspired by the simplicity of BMTH that as I got better I went for my certification and my instructorship. I was able to wean myself off of the drugs. One of the drugs was Prednisone, a very “scary” drug that my doctor said I would have to stay on. But my body knew better and I was able to get off of it too.

I got so much better that I was able to go off disability and work full time as a Certified Nurses’ Aide. At the time I discontinued my BMTH treatments because I considered them unnecessary, as my condition seemed to have disappeared. It didn’t take long before I realized how much I missed the quality health maintenance that regular sessions ensure and also I missed just relaxing on the couch of the Honolulu Center.

During the time I was away the Lupus came back with a vengeance. I have 20% kidney function and have to go to dialysis every week. But it is not the terrorizing ordeal it used to be. I actually come in and volunteer in the Center on Tuesday afternoons, then head off to dialysis feeling calm and thank my lucky stars that BMTH keeps on keeping on!

Margaret Morgan; Honolulu, HI