July, 1992

To Whom It Might Concern:

I started going to the Bio-Magnetic in the fall of 1989. My reason for going was because my feet hurt me so badly I could hardly walk. I had bought about every kind of shoe I could, to try and stop the hurting. Nothing helped.

I went to the Bio-Magnetics at the Cochran house twice a week for at least a month and then once a week for over a year. While I was being worked on from the top of my head, back, my stomach and my rotten attitude. Before long I could feel my back begin to straighten and my feet didn’t hurt as badly as they did.

I had had my neck x-rayed in Bayfield by Dr. McClure in 1998 and it was completely full of arthritis. I was having it worked on once a month in 1988. Then after Bio-Magnetics I stopped going to Bayfield. In1991 I went back to Bayfield and had an x-ray taken by Dr. Turek of Dolores and compared the two x-rays. In 1991 I had no arthritis at all in the back of my neck. I can turn my head around without turning my body.

Before Bio-Magnetics, with my poor old feet, when I got up out of bed anytime I would have to get a hold of the foot of the bed and chair to get myself up on my feet and I am off and going. I am a little stiff in my heels but at my age you can’t expect to be like new.

I have had the CFS treatment that did wonders for me as I have a lot of heavy work I have to do The biggest thing that hurts my feet is heavy lifting, which I hope I can avoid before long.

I also had eye surgery on both eyes for cataracts. One eye in October and one in November. I had a treatment every day for my eyes. The Eye Doctor could hardly believe how fast my eyes healed up and how well I did.

Bio-Magnetics has certainly done wonders for me; even my rotten attitude has changed to a lot happier person. Love you C.P.s.



Mary Coopinger
Mancos, CO