To whom it may Concern:

Thank goodness for Bio-Magnetics!   I have been receiving Bio-Magnetics’ treatments for about 13 moths now and what a change.

The treatments were for high blood pressure, sinus, circulation, back pain, numbness of arms, and stiffness in legs.

The first treatments were for sinus and high blood pressure.  The sinus gave instant comfort as the nasal passage opened up allowing me to breathe deeper.  It was very noticeable a few days later at a singing rehearsal.

The blood pressure treatment felt good but I didn’t notice it going down until after the third or fourth treatment.  I have now passed a physical to get a new life insurance program I flunked previously.

Last December I changed jobs to torqueing bolts in an air gun.  The vibration caused my arms to go numb from my fingertips to my shoulders.  This caused a lot of sleepless nights.  While receiving treatments for this, I could feel the pain go down my arms and out my fingers.

I have been getting 2 or 3 treatments per week for over a year now and amvery grateful for Bio-Magnetics.

Thank you.

Robert Broman