It seems like it’s been forever since my friend Sandy started bugging me about coming for a treatment.  She said it was the most relaxing thing she’d ever done and it was better than seeing Damian (a nice chiropractor we’d both seen years ago).  I went to Damian when by right hip started to hurt and ache all the time.  Damian used to slam me back into shape with a big smile on his face.  It worked for a while, but I had to keep going back because the pain kept coming back…

…Around September 1993, I began having seizures.  I went grocery shopping and woke up in the emergency room at Tucson General Hospital.  I weighed 375lbs. I’d had high blood pressure for about 10 years and hated taking medicine.  the high blood pressure was causing the seizures.  After several experiments with seizure medication that turned my skin purple and elevated my blood pressure, I told the doctors to keep their medicine and decided I’d live with epilepsy and high blood pressure just like any normal person would. Except I wasn’t taking any medication at all and put my husband through a terrifying period when I’d go to work and wake up in the nearest emergency room with him standing over me and a worried look on his face.  since I couldn’t drive any more (who knew where I’d wake up?) I had to take the bus everywhere I went. I learned how to walk. I found a job across town and walked 2 blocks to the bus stop and 3 blocks up hill when I got off to get to my job at the other end.  I did that for a year and lost 110lbs.

When I came in for my first Bio-Touch treatment, I’d been out of work for a couple of months and hadn’t walked regularly in months.  I was in severe depression and my right leg was numb from mid-thigh down.  I don’t know why.  I thought maybe the calcium deposit was back–it did not matter.  Sandy had said she felt so good afterward and raved about it and kept bugging me to go.  John (my first practitioner) explained what he was going to do and what my body was going to do and I though, “Oh, what the hell, why not?”  I told him about the numbness first, and then threw in the high blood pressure and seizures.  I was one up-tight lady.  I hoped that there was some massage involved because I thought it would feel good.

I got up from the table after the treatment, panic stricken.  I asked John if I looked different.  I asked the people in the waiting room if I looked all right.  They gave me funny looks and said I looked fine.  My blood pressure shot up and I was sure they were lying to me.  I asked for a mirror and john pointed to the one on the wall.   I DID look fine.  He asked me why.  You see, I felt so relaxed–especially the right side of my body, that I was sure I’d had a stroke.  My face actually felt like it was sagging, I could move my let and arm freely and they were RELAXED.  The difference in feeling was amazing.  I walked out of there floating on a cloud.  If ONE TREATMENT could bring such change, I figured I’d found something better than the chiropractor or the acupuncturist could ever do for me.  I left and went home, laid down on the couch and fell asleep for 5 hours.

I made appointments for twice a week for a month.  I was talking and joking with Joyzelle or Cheryl or John or somebody after that month and I was asked if the treatments had any effect on the numbness in my leg.  and I felt like I’d been doused with a glass of water in the face: the numbness changed.  blood pressure was lower, no headaches, sleeping better, fewer seizures, no tension (mentally or physically), no sickness, etc., etc.

In the ten months I’ve been seeing the folks at the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics (IFBM) Center, the numbness in my leg has almost completely disappeared.  When I’m getting a treatment I can feel the Patella ligament (that’s the ligament that attaches to the moveable part of your knee) move while I lay there.  When I get up and walk, my leg feels realigned with my knee.  There is no pain, but there is an energy my leg has now that moves it differently.  It still gets numb sometimes, but only if I haven’t been for a treatment in more than a week.  My blood pressure is lower, and the dosage of medication is so low the pharmacist checks every couple of months with my doctor to see if it’s right.  The seizures are reduced from 6 to 8 a month to 1 or 2.  I don’t get headaches anymore.  AT ALL!

I did get the flu last March and had trouble with a cough, but they worked on my lungs and I was able to perform with my community chorus in April. I used to have trouble sleeping–a side effect of the seizure mediation.  NO MORE.

I used to feel as though every fiber in my being was tense, and if I could only relax and sleep that would take care of everything.  It was a tension that took hold of my body and left me so weary at the end of the day that I was too tired to sleep.  I don’t get tense anymore.

Thank you all for these wonderful gifts!  I can hear you (all of you) saying “We didn’t do anything–you did it!”  Well, that may be true(probably more true than I’m willing to admit), but your dedication and love and acceptance of the reposnsibility to help others heal did allow me a safe environment to learn how to heal.  Healing, whatever form it takes is natural.  The Healer is sacred.  Than you all for being sacred, holy beings.

With much love

Sherry Landry
Tucson AZ