I was introduced to Bio-Touch 2 years ago by Terry Hardy. I thank her every day since for sharing this special “energy” healing method with me

In May, I had an eye examination and was told that I needed to have cataract surgery. Since my eye doctor doesn’t perform surgeries, I saw another doctor who does. When I saw him in June, he told me that I wouldn’t need surgery for at least 10 years. He was surprised I had been told I needed surgery and was curious about what I had done that made my eyes so much better. The only answer I could give him was Bio-Touch. Cheryl and Genny have been doing the eye points for the past few months. I couldn’t wait until my next appointments so I could share this wonderful news with my special practitioners.

The second thing I would like to share about Bio-Touch is the feeling I get when I am at the Center. I have had back pain for four years and am having my third surgery next month. I know Bio-Touch will help in my recovery after my surgery, and that my back will finally be able to benefit from the healing energy I will receive. I have found that spiritually and emotionally, the power of just being at the Center lifts my spirits and fills me with a peacefulness. The practitioners and other recipients whom I have met are all such kind, loving, giving, genuine individuals. My friends ask me why I continue to go to Bio-Touch if I feel so well .My response is always, “Exactly.”