I, Vivian Isaacson, have a story to share in regards to my experience of healing to the Bio-Magnetic healing technique.

It was one year ago that I fainted in my office at Denver, Colorado.  Upon arrival of the paramedics, I was conscious, but under protest, was transported to the hospital and put in the intensive care unit.

Within 24 hours of a pacemaker being placed, it punctured my heart.  I was immediately taken to surgery.  On the table they say the arteries were so clogged they were like an eggshell that could break at any time..  The main aorta was also so clogged they had trouble getting blood to the brain during the operation.  When I came out of the operation, I was put on oxygen, feeding tubes and all the other life sustaining equipment with no idea how I could fare.

By this time my son arrived and began immediately performing the Bio-Magnetic Healing.  As I understand it, he worked on me three times a day, around all around the machines and with complete approval of the Doctors and Nurses.  I do not remember the three weeks that he was there.

Here are some details during those weeks as I was told; I took no pain medication; I came in and out of awareness and was able to respond properly to questions; I took very minimal antibiotics and diuretics; I was on little blood pressure medication, for as the blood pressure would drop immediate results of a rise in blood pressure could be observed after a Bio-Magnetic treatment. Overall there was a peacefulness observed in me by all attending doctors and nurses –many nurses said most patients in my situation would be on more drugs.  Also doing well as my urine discharge and non-retention of fluids.  Also to note is that I was a heavy smoker for 35 years My lungs during this 3 weeks did have some problems clearing up but again after a Bio-Magnetic treatment any problems seemed to cease.  Movement of my body was minimal, none of right side, little left leg and poor mouth.  My speech and awareness were also poor.

At the end of three weeks, I was released from ICU with this prognosis:  Brain scans showed complete brain damage with stroke in the left rear of brain.  Progress of rehabilitation was not favorable.  At this time, the insurance company was already trying to relinquish payments based on Medicare standards of “leveling out”.  At this time, my daughter-in-law was now beginning to work on me with the Bio-Magnetic healing.  I was placed in the cardiac unit of the hospital.  Progress was very slow, but appeared constant (accept to the insurance company).  Day by day a few more abilities would unfold.  Now I was moved to the rehabilitation hospital.

Only with much pushing on the part of my son and daughter-in-law did the hospital working with me.  All the time Bio-Magnetics was still being done and progress was still observed.  Finally the system said I “leveled out” and must go to a nursing home.  Once again the process started over to encourage all the therapists to work with me and continue to have the insurance company pay for treatments.

Progress was still happening and though the staff said “clinically” I couldn’t get much better, they all had a “feeling” that I could get better.  The staff at the home really started to notice progress and felt the Bio-Magnetics was helping—but again standards showed I had “leveled out” and must now return home.

The prognosis from the doctor was that all my vital signs were great including full lunch capacity and clarity, normal blood pressure and strong heart.  But he did say I would always drag my feet, never open my hand and I should just accept that and my mental weakness.  He recommended continual use of both lasix and digitalis.

Upon going home, with all the “needed” equipment, I decided not to take any of the medications and only continue taking vitamins,Q-10 and continue the Bio-Magnetic treatments and some physical therapy.

Now I was given some home rehabilitation as I prepared to move to Hawaii where my son daughter-in-law lived and had the Bio-Magnetic Center.

My bladder control was a bit better by now, walking was for a least once around the house with someone holding me and my awareness and memory were a quite bit improved.

So, what can I say?  The story is long; the emotional changes have been uncountable, especially for a 70 year old widow.  But one year later I am just getting ready to move into a semi-independent living situation.  I speak fine and can hold an intelligent conversation on any topic.  I have normal recall of current events and have regained my reason and emotional facilities.  I do have slight trouble concentrating on detailed jobs, but I think too that will improve with practice.  I can now walk without any aids and for blocks without a rest.   In fact, I am even able to walk on the beach!  I can also joyously spend an afternoon in the mall.  I can eat by myself and shower myself.  I can even open and close my right hand, but still do not have complete coordination to use it fully.  My blood pressure for the past three months has been 120/78.  In a recent physical my blood count and cholesterol were at normal levels, my heart rhythm is around 80 and my lungs are clear and strong.  The EKG also shows no heart damage.

I was amazed and feel honored to have come this far in so short a time.  I feel like I’d enjoy getting better quicker, but when I look at those who had minor strokes five years ago and remember my prognosis, I must be joyous.

I must honor and endorse the Bio-Magnetic Healing for this opportunity I have now.  Can I say it was Bio-Magnetics?  Of course not! May it was willpower or grace.  But hen I see how others are doing with the sae prognosis and when I just am still with myself, I KNOW beyond a doubt that the Bio-Magnetic Healing was instrumental in my healing.  Now the rest is up to me.

My sympathy goes to all who may be in a situation like my own.  I can only encourage you to try this very simple and comforting technique.  You have nothing to lose and only a life with dignity to gain.

October 1992.

Signed:  Vivian Isaacson