I am so grateful I had Bio-Touch healing every step of the way of becoming a new mother. From pregnancy to postpartum I found Bio-Touch to be crucial for managing stress and adapting to my new life as a mother. It was something my husband and I could turn to, as well as my Doula, who was trained in Bio-Touch. I remember clearly one time having Braxton Hicks, which was scary and painful. The first thing I did was lay down and my husband started doing the abdomen set for me. I found this very comforting and to help with the situation. I also remember my Doula doing Bio-Touch for me as the last thing before she left the hospital. It was very meaningful to me and I am forever grateful. Now that I have a 20 month old, I find that the whole family turns to Bio-Touch in times of healing. Bumps and bruises happen along the way but it’s nice to have peace of mind.

use bio touch for pregnancy and birthing
Kaileen Cox Birthing

What brought me to this training was curiosity to expand my techniques to use in the field of maternal health.
Fun & Education class for everyday use.  I love the idea that this is for everyone t practice and not just for the “the experts”.

I am excited to incorporate this into birth work — not for me to practice on pregnant people but rather for their family members , especially partners, to learn to use.

doula and bio-touch healing
Penny Bussell

Dear Paul Bucky,

Thank you for coming to Mrs. Benter’s second period class at Hohokam on Wednesday, January 18, 1995.

I found your presentation on Bio-Magnetic touch healing very interesting.  It made me think of things in a new way.  Although you couldn’t show us all of the ways to heal things, I was happy that you did show us one of many techniques.  I really enjoyed your presentation and I hope you can come back sometime.

Now that you came to m class, I am showing and telling everyone of this unbelievable technique.


Jene’ S. – 8th grade

Dear Paul Bucky,

Thank you for coming to our science class at Hohokam middle school.

I think that it is interesting that you can heal someone just with your two fingers.

I though it was interesting when you said that your mom died and you used your finger and you healed her, and all the other people you healed.

I really appreciate you coming to our class and telling us what you do and how you do it yourself.


Priscilla V – 8th grade

Dear Paul Bucky,

Thanks for coming to our class and teaching us about life, and foods.  It’s nice of you to come and waste your time for us.

I like the part you were showing us about healing people by using your hands.  It will be cool if I knew how to do that.

I hope you come back to show us more about healing.  I wonder if you could heal arthritis and swelling problems.


Walter P – 8th grade

Dear Paul Bucky,

Thank you for taking your time to coming to Ms Benter’s 2nd period Science class and telling us about how people can heal themselves.

I think it is interesting how you can heal yourself when you have a headache or a backache.

Something that I would try from hearing your speech is that the next time I have a headache I will try to heal myself to see if it really works.


Lisette C – 8th grade

Dear Paul Bucky,

Mr Bucky I think your speak was very interesting.  I think it was interesting to know that anybody can do touch healing.

I would like to thank you very much for teaching us this teacneak that is so helpful to me because I get headach alot.  so now I know something that will help my problem and it feels weird when it gets done to you.  Me and my mother tryed this and hopefully it will help me in the perious years.

Thanks for comming to our class,  I had lot of fun.  I like it.  A Great big thanks.


Victor B. – 8th Grade

I know it’s helped me. but I don’t know how to put it into words!  When my Molly (my 7 year old daughter) starts to get a cold I just work on her, and it goes away and doesn’t develop into a full-blown cold.

Shari BuckyHonolulu, HI