“Today as I fill the 8th worksheet of this course, just being a part of the foundation makes me smile and fills me with hope. I like knowing I am supported in my journey and that the work I do in turn adds to a larger mission. Also, the dream of setting up a donation based Bio-Touch center here came into being only when I connected with Paul and the foundation.”
Chetna – India 2016

Chetna Chakravarthy

Since the very first day Bio touch gave me love and accepted me just the way I was at that time. It made my dream come true to find a place where people would be loving and sharing true and sincere hearts helping each others; and started changing my mind body and spirit into a much better quality of life.. It has helped me to see and find love in every person and to be more accepting to anybody. For me, Bio touch is a gift from God. (Aquascaliente, Mexico)

Elizabeth (Esby) Romo

The Certified Practitioner training has been a very rewarding journey. Bev Wood was the practitioner during most of my internship and guided me with love through the maze of points. I am grateful for the grace and kindness with which the recipients accepted me as I was learning the points and the techniques. The 4 recipients I worked with every Saturday had been members of Bio-Touch for years and knew exactly where the points were and what I should do. I learned a lot from them, and I was amazed at the instant relationships that were joined right from the start.

The training was excellent, and now I am ready to take Bio-Touch into my community. I knew I wanted to do some kind of volunteer work after I retire, and I have found it.

Bio-Touch is a beautiful way to connect with people when I move after I retire.

Thank you Paul, Bev, Charlotte and IFBM!

Bettina Brentano