When I first heard of Bio-Touch, I really didn’t think much of it because we’re doing so many things.   Richard worked on me because I had a horrible abscess in my tonsils.  I couldn’t swallow or talk.  He did the infection point, and it sent a tingle through me.  Bio-Touch felt nice, and I knew right then, “We need to touch.  We need to do this with our family.”  As a massage therapist, I do a lot of touching, but this is different from anything I’ve ever done before.

My tonsils got better which Richard said was amazing.  The next day, the worst side was completely better.  On the other side, the swelling slowly went down until it was completely gone as well.

In Tucson, we had an experience with my son Hyrum at the babysitter.  He has a lot of emotional issues and was crying hysterically for about ten minutes.  We tried walking away to see if he would calm down, but he didn’t.  Richard did the head set on him.  Within 2 minutes, he was fine!  It was an amazing transformation.  I’m looking forward to doing more with him.  Little Madeline loves Bio-Touch just put up your 2 fingers and she lifts her shirt!  Monsi really likes it, especially when Lynette does it.

Richard and I both felt we needed to do this class.  It has been beneficial.  It has been neat to see how Bio-Touch has affected others, since it is new to us.  I’m glad we came.

Elisa Aballay, LMT


Me gusto mucho aprender esta terapia de BT por que aprendi mas los punto exactos de dolor para poder ayudar a mi projimo y sobre todo a mi hijo Angel que tiene Diabetis tipo1. Tambien me gusto el ambiente muy Buenos maestros y companeros y a pesar de que no so hablar ni escriber el ingles aprendi mucho por que aparte Paul el maestro me dio mi teoria en espanol y trataba de hablarme en espanol. Me senti muy agusto exelente. Muchas gracia.


I really liked learning this Bio-Touch therapy because I learned more the exact points for pain in order to help my neighbor and especially my son, Angel, who has diabetes type1. Also I liked the atmosphere very much with all of the teachers and companions. And although I  did not to speak or write the English I learned a lot because, Paul, the teacher,  gave me the theory in Spanish (from the website) and tried to speak in Spanish. I felt very comfortable. Thank you so much..

Carolina Padilla NunezMassage Therapist

I think the class was very well organized and well taught.  My experience was particularly good, with the flexibility given to me to make up the class I missed. I think everything was explained well, and the overall vibe of the class was extremely positive.

At this point, I’m really most excited to use Bio-Touch with my family, especially my kids.  I do hope to incorporate it with clients in the future, especially in areas (of the body) that may need extra attention.  I’m still working out how I’m going to incorporate the GREETING.

This was a great experience.  Thanks for a great class!

Stina Jochem, LMT

I really enjoyed the class and have already appreciated the connection that it created when I practiced on my 16 year old son and my husband (just after the first day of the class).  It was really special to share those moments with my son as they seem rae now that he is a teenager.

I look forward to being able to connect with him and my family as well as to help others with their well being.

The class was very easy and I feel with the hands-on learning I will be able to retain the information.  The instructors were great.  I learned a lot and can’t wait to use it on people in my life.

Thanks you!

Tresta Anderson

I cam to this class because I want to help my family, especially my mother Esmerita, and I want to help my community.

My personal experience in the class is very nice, starting with staff, that gives this training.  They are patient and very good, spend hours in class you’re connecting more and more with Bio-Touch and the person.

I am happy and proud of myself to learn this technique and doing Bio-Touch gently as a butterfly is just touch.  I will begin to use this technique in my family and then with people in my community.  I will make a difference doing with my hands natural healing ability for humanity.

Thanks for everything.

Maria Tomaine