The class was great — very informative.

There was plenty of time for hands-on practice for all of the sets. The verbal instruction and hand-outs were simple to follow but very detailed also. Nothing was left out.

I will use Bio-Touch personally on family and friends and I will add it to my “Healing Practice”.

Than you to all of the instructors for the excellent training!

Karen J. Williams

I can see myself incorporating Bio-Touch into my work. Although light touch hasn’t been what I’ve done in the past, for the most part I have used other modalities using a light touch. This is much different and I like the possibility of its use. I can see there is much benefit to Bio-Touch.

I’ve really enjoyed meeting everyone and learning from their experience. I’m happy to be a member and to be accepted into this group. Thanks for the fun weekend. I will be using the knowledge I learned.

Jennifer Beard, LMT

I am a massage therapist and PTA.

This was the BEST massage CEU class I have taken so far ( 6 years of ceu’s).

Very friendly professional, educational, organized, good pace, clean environment. Staff was very well prepared. Perfect amount of hands-on and reading/learning/going over materials and practice. Ongoing corrections were demonstrated to ensure proper technique.

I am also a PTA. I feel I can and will implement Bio-Touch in both massage and for physical therapy.

Bio-Touch is quick and easily performed and non invasive.

I am a skeptic, but Bio-Touch isn’t energy work it is Just Touch that has a positive effect backed by research.

I Love Bio-Touch. Very well done!!

Ashley O’Donnell, LMT

Heard about Bio-Touch as a way to aid with my Macular Pucker.

The Bio-Touch class was very informative, interesting and fun! Is was applicable to my profession and life!

I will use Bio-Touch in my personal life with family & friends as needed.

It is such a powerful tool for ALL of us to use. I may use it with clients in my clinic for ADHD, Autism, learning disabilities, behavior issues and traumatic brain injuries (T.B.I.).

There is no limits to the possibilities with Bio-Touch.

Thank you to the great Bio-Touch staff for offering this amazing technique to our world and me.

doulas learn bio-touch healing
Katherine Lackey

My experience with the Bio-Touch class is that the spiritual aspects of “love in action” and the body healing itself (the “inner physician”) brings it into a natural harmony and balance with itself. Also, the great simplicity of it and availability to everyone worldwide and not charging for what everyone’s body already possesses.

Beth Stormont

I came to the class to get continuing education units.

I will practice Bio-Touch in the near future. This is something I have been searching for and finally found.
Perfect practice for me personally.

Eric Kassman, LMT

I came to the class to learn Bio-Touch and to satisfy my continuing education requirements.

I will be using this technique at work, at home with my family, grandkids and friends.
This workshop ended up being very incredible and with all of the lovely Instructors and all of the attendees was a great crew as well. Thank you for all of the wonderful stories, care and teaching.

Cathleen Massey, LMT

I too the class to learn Bio-Touch in order to help facilitate my own healing as well as learn something simple yet powerful enough to bring to my family as well as my acupuncture practice.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and feel prepared, at least at the most basic level, to begin to incorporate Bio-Touch into my acupuncture practice. I can think of countless possibilities to use Bio-Touch to compliment my clinical practice. I also intend to continue the training and deepen my practice of Bio-Touch as a Certified Practitioner. I just like how gentle yet powerful it seems to be.

Larry Gatti, Acupuncturist

I am so excited and appreciative and look forward to more!

Jennifer Vallier, LMT

I heard a podcast about Bio-Touch and then became a recipient.

I really enjoyed the class. I’m looking forward to the next class and being able to do more practice.

Karen Reynolds