Sarah Masse talks about her experience.

Sarah Masse

Pete is a Massage Therapist.

Pete Milligan

Bio-Touch is so effective that I received significant reductions in my symptoms even from the brief sets of points touched by my fellow student “associates” while training this weekend, even as they fumbled about at time trying to touch the “right points”!

The class has been practical, hands-on, and has helped me learn the sets quickly, despite the fact that before the week started, I thought it would be hard to learn.

The teachers are all kind and patient and thorough.  Paul’s stories and attitude toward healing are truly inspiring to me: grass-roots, egalitarian, democratic in the true sense of the word.

I will give Bio-Touch to family and friends and I intend to include it as an important “modality” in my healing tool box as a professional already trained in counseling, ecotherapy, energy healing and mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Christopher Chappell

Donna is from Delaware.

I am looking forward to integrating some of this int my sessions (massage).  I love how easy this is.

Donna Zetts

Nichole just believes in Simplicity!

Nichole Henshaw

I’m excited to use this to help myself and my friends & Family

I have decided to use this Bio-Touch when I travel to Massachusetts to visit my kids and grandkids. It would make me happy to be able to share this with them and help my son, especially.

Thanks to Paul & all the practitioners.

Link to video of Ursela

Ursela Guran

Bonnie, joined us from Deleware.

My experience has been amazing.  I really felt I was suppose to take this class.  I am looking forward to using it in my practice (Massage & Reiki).

I think it will be very beneficial to my clients, friends and family.  My husband will enjoy it too because he has some issues.

Can’t wait to use it!!!

Bonnie Schuyler

The humanity of Paul, Bev and all of the instructors just radiated – so much to offer and so approachable – humble, wonderful emissaries and role models.

It is simple. I am just beginning to see the many ways to tailor the work to individual needs and be creative with the enhancements.

I am excited to practice enough of the points to become truly familiar and be able to add and grow my capacity for listening and being present.  I am exploring the potential to add this to an SI practice and how that can enhance the progression of sessions. I want to explore the work as a support to consciousness, spiritual work, interpersonal effectiveness and it’s support of neuroplasticity (brain health and recovery).

I hope to experience some regular personal session and really feel the work.


Jordan Hunter

The class was fun and well organized.  I enjoyed it very much.  Due to pain from arthritis and many other age related pains, I feel that Bio-Touch can and has helped me with relief.

Debbi and I will continue to practice the technique to help each other.

What an easy way to help relieve aches.

Ross Behm

The energy in the class was awesome.  I teach in a very stressful environment.  My friends are also teachers and I hope to offer some relief to others at my school as well as family members.  My husband also took the class and I;m so excited because now we can help each other.  I want to be able to practice these new skills.  It will be so awesome to know I can reach out and “just touch” someone and affect their lives positively.

Debbi Madson Behm