I dealt with a diabetic patient in a very bad condition, as the immune system produces antibodies that lead to the destruction of the beta cells in the pancreas, and thus the blood sugar level rises in a way that doctors cannot treat. After several sessions, the blood sugar level decreased and the patient’s condition stabilized significantly.

But the surprising thing is that she has been suffering from depression for several years, and that her psychological condition has improved greatly after the Bio touch sessions, and she become a life lover. I learned from this experience that biotech is useful in helping psychological conditions.

Sometimes we deal with specific points that target the pain in a specific place, but we find that there is a problem in another place that has been solved without our intention.

We may also target pain in a specific area of ​​the body, but we find that the psychological state of the recipient has improved.. In general, I noticed that all the cases that I dealt with Bio-touch technology and any other technology, they prefer biotech sessions because it makes them feel comfortable and relaxed and reconcile them on their bodies and themselves.

Dr Hala Shaaban- Egypt

Why Kai integrates Bio-Touch into her professional and personal life.

Kaileen Cox, LMT

The class was great — very informative.

There was plenty of time for hands-on practice for all of the sets. The verbal instruction and hand-outs were simple to follow but very detailed also. Nothing was left out.

I will use Bio-Touch personally on family and friends and I will add it to my “Healing Practice”.

Than you to all of the instructors for the excellent training!

Karen J. Williams

I came to the clinic and decided to try Bio-Touch. Then I started the training and will continue. It is great!.
Nice addition for my personal clients and a great technique to add to my wellness certs. Especially my special needs clients.

Michelle Ruffo

What does Marta appreciate about Bio-Touch training & classes.

Marta G.

Todd Felder

My name is Barbara Peacock. I was alerted by a friend’s recommendation to the Book of Debra Schildhouse about the history of Bio-Touch™.|

Fascinated by this so simple method I wanted to know more, read the Bio-Touch Practice book and signed up to my first course. I then completed the entire certified training as a practitioner at Michaela Haupt.
The simplicity, the gentleness and my own feeling in the treatments made me realize – this is exactly the right thing for me. I had long been looking for a healing method that is so easy to learn and also to pass on.

It can be combined with all treatment methods and is applied anywhere. I feel very impressive the experience that I perceive the treatment in full clarity. In addition to touching the corresponding points, I mainly work intuitively on the body.

I am thankful that in direct contact with my clients, I can give a gentle stimulus to the activation of the self-healing powers and have been able to experience immediate healing/relief.

Barbara Pfau

I came to the class because my wife asked me to attend so I could help her at home when she is in pain.

I really enjoyed the course. The instructors kept us involved and entertained, while also leaving the floor open to questions and experiences. The class time was perfect as three hours (per night) went quickly. The information was laid out and easy to understand. Thank you for a great experience I can use for the rest of OUR lives.

Luke Glogg

It was great to learn Bio-Touch with my husband. It has been great for our relationship and has brought us closer. Him knowing Bio-Touch has been great for my back pain. He does it daily.


Amy Glogg

As a massage therapist I incorporated the Greeting into all treatments (this past week). It seemed to clear my head but allow me to focus on the person under my hands. Great progress was made during all treatments with “wow” moments consistently happening.

Shea Hincher, LMT